Extreme Home Profits Review: Worth the Money or a Scam

I have been reviewing make money online programs for some time now because I remember very well a time when I had initially set my mind to working from home I seared high and low and came upon numerous programs like the Extreme Home Profits system. There are hundreds of different programs available and new ones being developed every day. They claim that you will become a millionaire and that you will be crazy rich with just a couple of hour of work and try and sell you a position which as per their claims is so sought after that you MUST hurry. Some of these programs are effective, perhaps not to the extent that they claim, but effective none the less. Unfortunately, there are many that try and take advantage of people’s dreams and give them false hopes with lots of great marketing and convincing that this is what they had been looking for all along.

After a while searching through programs like these I simply started quickly picking out which are scams and which could possibly prove to be effective. If they try and “sell” you a job and “sell” you the opportunity to become rich rather than allow you to apply then most likely it’s a scam. If it’s so darn good and so many people are interested why go through such efforts to sell you the position. With that said, I came upon this program recently and decided to do some added research.

What is the Extreme Home Profits Program?

When you initially visit the official website you are actually provided with absolutely no information. Nothing more than a nice big heading stating that this is a way to make money now and change your life. How in just 5 minutes you will start making real money and work from home. Funny enough in the header they have a number of popular media next to it stating “work from home opportunities have been featured on…” which is hilarious as it is so misleading trying to convince you that their specific program has been featured on this media. This immediately caught my eye and rather frustrated me as it is exactly this type of taking advantage of readers that I don’t like. If they have to go to such marketing extremes to convince you that their program is legitimate then most likely it isn’t. Either way, I will give it a chance to prove me wrong.

The good thing is that you don’t have to have any experience working from home or in a particular field, you work straight from home without a set time or duration, choose your hours and be your own boss, and you can start earning the same day you sign up.

Of course Extreme Home Profits announce how there is only a limited time for you to sign up because people are flocking from around the globe begging for this position. Ok, not in these words but it definitely sounds that way.

This is all the information on the main page. You are provided with a slot to enter your name, email address, and phone, and after quickly checking if there are positions available in your area (checked by the phone # I guess?) you are redirected to the next page. This is a lengthy explanation of the program from firsthand experience of someone that is part of it (I will get into this a little later when I reach the Terms and Conditions)

She describes her life and experience and how she came upon the program and became a millionaire through it.

Honestly, I tried reading it all but at one point it became so tiresome and the information just kept repeating and repeating itself to such an extent that I simply scanned it over for something that may be of use. Far too much for my taste and I am sure for everyone else’s too. I highly doubt anyone actually read through it all, it’s like reading terms and conditions (will get to those in a few).…