30 Day Change Review – Easy Road to Money or a SCAM?

So, I was downgraded from work from full time to part time and with just one quick research into making money online my email was filled with offers from various easy money schemes like the 30 Day Change program. Honestly, I have never even tried making money online before and though I have done some reviews on products I have purchased in the past I have never actually attempted one of these programs. It was just a random search at a moment of desperation but when I started receiving these emails I couldn’t resist and had to dig deeper. Turns out there are hundreds of these type of work from home or make money online systems which I have never even heard of. If they are all true though, by now no one would be working out of home, especially with the numbers they promise.

With that said, I couldn’t resist. I have to at least research it and perhaps, even if I do not actually end up trying it (which will be revealed in the end of this review) at least provide the information I have gathered and the reason I did not try.

What is 30 Day Change

Well, if you judge by the official website it is hard to actually get a real idea of what the product is. I actually did not get any realistic information from them. Yes, they have a video, which I admit that after a while regardless how hard I tried to concentrate I would zone out. Unfortunately you cannot rewind or fast-forward the video so the amount of information you gather from it the one time you watch it (trust me you won’t want to through it again) is all you get. This is why I turned to external review websites as well as websites that advertise the program.

The program is basically a unique binary trading software system which is specifically designed to trade in binary options. You technically do nothing except for sign up, give your investment money, and they trade them in binary options and you make a profit. That’s simply put. Unfortunately they market it as if you have absolutely nothing to lose and that you don’t have to pay anything when in fact for you to actually participate and make a profit you have to invest $250. Once you sign up you have to select one of their provided traders and work with them. The good thing is that you don’t have to know a thing about binary options or trading in general as all you do is hand over your money and they do the rest. Yes, sounds pretty simple but the question is whether you really do make money or just lose your investment, and is it really that simple?

Features of 30 Day Change and Process

The features advertised by the official website one you have signed up is that they can guarantee daily earnings of up to $700. This sounds fantastic but really? I have read reviews where they have lost all their money yet they are guaranteeing $700. I am almost certain that this is not possible with the initial investment.

Another feature is that you are not charged for the access to their powerful and unique binary options trading system. This sounds great, and I am guessing this is what they advertise that you do not have to pay or lose on, while you still do have to invest a certain amount of money to actually start earning.

You do receive a step by step guide that explains how the system works written in simple form so it is easy to understand and are assigned a personal coach that will help you get what you want out of the system. So, on one hand, you do nothing but you need step by step guide and a personal coach. Interesting.

They of course, claim that there is no monetary investment upfront but on the other hand from everywhere else that I’ve read comments and reviews they do discuss that in order to make money and participate you DO have to invest, and the minimum is $250.

Steps to Participating in 30 Day Change

The first step is to register. All you do is give your email and name. From that point on your email will be completely bombarded with further information on participation, how you will be rich if you sign up, etc.

They have numerous claims on the official website of how much money people are making and how happy they are. In the video there are people boasting about their experience with the program and how rich they are now but in one of the comments on one of the reviews for this program it was pointed out that they are actors, and they had seen them in other infomercials in the past (will discuss this further down).

Once you have registered, which takes just a minute, you can start using your personalized account. Which of course, is completely useless unless you invest.

From the Comments and Negative Reviews Claiming it’s a SCAM

Well, I was able to find the video from the homepage of the 30 Day Change on YouTube. Even with being able to rewind and fast forward the 16:33 minutes were still hard to sit through. Regardless there is very little real information there anyway. What I did find was a number of websites that claim to do real reviews of online money making schemes and read through the comments section. I do reviews myself and know well enough that some of the reviews that I’ve read in the past look to be paid so aside from using them to gather information I don’t trust them as much as I trust the comments.

Although I did find some comments that were positive about the system they failed to provide the information which everyone was looking for. They would stop by, comment how they are up by …

What are Binary Options?

Well, technically Binary Options is a great way to make money, really. But you do have to know what you are doing and leaving it in the hands of someone else is basically allowing them to play with your money and if you do win you don’t get all the earnings. That’s not all, if you lose, only you lose, they don’t.

They are options which can be traded by anyone around the globe regardless where they are located. It’s a system developed for people to purchase wagers based on the estimate of how the market fluctuates and its prices. There is a set amount of profit or loss with binary options. You basically purchase an “up” (call) if you think an asset will go up or a “down” (put) if you think it will go down. More or less it’s a gamble, or if you are well trained and understand the market an educated guess.

As there is a fixed amount of money that can be won or lost binary options have become quite popular. The limited fluctuations in earnings and the possibilities to make money from them makes it a lot easier for the traders to estimate an income.

Before you jump in and decide that you want to do this remember that it is hard to really learn about binary options. There is plenty of information out there but nothing really reveals the secrets to trading them as programs like these would lose out on a lot of money. There are also a lot of different types of binary options which means that in order to actually get into it you do have to do a lot of studying first.

A Positive Review Found Online

As the official 30 Day Change website doesn’t provide a LOT of information about their program I had to go with one of their articles written as a “review” by a “satisfied” customer that basically describes their program in a very good light. The reason I am a bit skeptical is that it sounds more like an advertisement rather than an actual review. The good thing is that they provided the information that the official website failed to offer.

They claim that this program takes the hassle out of trying to earn money in binary options. It basically does everything for you. The developers of the system have set it to release special “signals” which are then picked up and the program is told what it should trade and how to make real profits. Sounds a bit impersonal and somewhat inaccurate if you ask me. Of course, the software then takes you invested money and does the rest of the work for you by making the appropriate trades for you.

The program is fully legal and legitimate way to trade in binary options. They claim that their system will NOT make mistakes and there is no need to learn about binary options or stay on top of the market.

They continue to discuss whether the website is a scam and whether their program works. Of course, these claims were completely thrown out of the window. They claim that since their program is so successful others are using their name to take advantage of people which has lead to the negative reviews and if you visit their official website (same one as I am reviewing) you will not be SCAMMED. They claim that it definitely works and it is ABSOLUTELY FREE and there is nothing to lose.…