Who Needs Blackout Curtains?

Living in an area where there is sufficient natural light is virtually everyone’s dream. Natural light provides excellent lighting for the house, which in turn cuts electricity costs. However, there comes a time when you least need natural light in the room. This is especially true to ensure better sleep quality.

While regular curtains keep off some of the light from getting through, other curtains completely block out sunlight. For undisturbed sleep, the former will come in handy. In this article, we focus on blockout curtains and their benefits in the house. Doing this allows you to stay in the know while making your next curtains purchase.

What are Blockout Curtains?

As mentioned, with regular curtains, you get a bit of light streaming in through the window. This light can be blinding and often destructing. However, there are alternatives to these curtains, and they are called blockout curtains.

Block-out curtains are those that prevent any amount of light that penetrates through the room. However, these curtains are not so different from the regular curtains in terms of design. The only big difference is that they feature two fabrics in their construction that work together to prevent light from streaming in.

How do Blockout Curtains work?

As mentioned, they almost share physical similarities with regular curtains. However, with blockout curtains, you get two layers of materials in their construction. The first layer of the fabric is almost as thick as the outer layer. Here, the outer fabric features either canvas, heavy cotton, or polyester materials. The innermost layer of the curtains blocks out noise, temperature, and light. It also prevents dust from penetrating.

Who needs block-out curtains?

While most people prefer natural light, some people find it difficult to do other things with the light. As a result, they try various methods to ensure all the light is blocked out from the room. Here is the list of people who will benefit from using blockout curtains.

Night shift workers

After working throughout the night, one needs to catch up on their sleep for overall wellbeing. However, some factors like light and noise from outside or adjacent rooms could disrupt their sweet sleep. For this reason, blockout curtains are most ideal in this situation.

Babies and small children

The longer a baby sleeps, the more they develop both physically and psychologically. To ensure babies sleep the most, one needs to take care of the factors that would prevent their sleep. Light is one of these factors, and you can only manage to lull your baby with completely dimmed lighting in the room. Hence, the babies get their beauty sleep for growth and general well-being.

Individuals sensitive to light

Some people in the world react to too much lighting in the room, be it natural or artificial. Since there is always a solution for the latter (dim or switch off the lights), finding the perfect solution for natural light can be quite challenging. However, when in the house, you can choose blockout curtains to aid in blocking out sunlight.

Electric bill savers

Among the benefits of block-out curtains is they block out thermal energy. These curtains provide excellent insulation in the room, hence minimizing the cost of using fans or heating systems when it gets cold. They prevent heat from escaping during cold seasons and heat from sipping through during the hot seasons.

Everyone enjoys the peace that comes from reduced outside noise after a long day of work. Blockout curtains work to minimize the amount of noise that gets through the windows, besides locking out the light. These curtains are an ideal choice for protecting your flooring and furniture from the damages that come after long exposure to sunlight. Blockouts also come in an array of colors that enable one to pick one according to their preferences.

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